Visual identity introduction

By ayr August 1, 2008

This tag (visual identity) is dedicated to the evolution of Clover’s visual identity. We could call this “brand,” but I really think it’s more accurately about the visual manifestation of the brand. If we’re successful, the clover brand will be defined by the product, personal interactions with staff, and a philosophy as much as by the concrete visual cues (logo, packaging, menu, store design, etc.).

We’ll start out with some of my early thinking about brand and design, layer on some thoughts I collected along the way from others, and then get started in the iterations with Joshua Hester, our graphic designer, Brian Collins, who is acting as creative director on this, and Single Speed Design (John Hong and Jinhee Park), our architects.

There are loads of references and ideas from the very beginning of the Clover adventure that might not make it up here, unless I have a couple of free days of time (unlikely). None-the-less, with these early posts I will try to distill some of that early thinking and bring everyone up to speed.

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