Puddle of sunlight

By ayr August 2, 2008

(painting is by Vilhelm Hammershoi, a danish painter from the early 1900s)

So this is where the visual identity for Clover begins: a puddle of sunlight.

A place you want to move towards/ sit under. When people think of it they want to take a deep breath through their nose, the creases around their eyes relax a little, they drift away for an instant: surrounded by a warmth of satisfaction, more things are possible, life feels more real.

Clean, clear warmth

Not orange/ red warmth


Not “crunchy”

Forward looking, contemporary

Not post-modern (slick, self-referential, jaded)

Comfortable, welcoming

Funny, but conscientious and smart

Not condescending, never self-involved

Discover new things

Not lecture

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