Why the name “Clover”?

By ayr August 3, 2008

Alex Kazaks gets credit for the name. Asa (my sister) made a puppet for Clementine, a horse, and had named the puppet Clover. Alex said, hey, how about that for a name for the restaurant. We all liked it, I tested it, and here we are. Why did we like it? Here are my top reasons:

  • Speaks to core associations powerfully and indirectly: “fresh, green, eco” without saying any of those things
  • Metaphorical meaning: for Cows, Horses, etc. clover is the sweetest and most delicious of all the grass in the field
  • Sticks with you, easy to say, easy to remember
  • Slightly feminine, but perhaps slightly alluring rather than alienating to men
  • Feels good to say
  • Luck, positivity
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