Clover sound lab

By ayr August 5, 2008

During one of my early conversations with Erik Joule he asked: “what will Clover sound like?” I thought it was a great question and spent a bunch of time thinking it through. For a while I was thinking country/bluegrass-influenced contemporary music (I was liking some country and the latest Black Keys album at the time).

And while I think that sound would be a fantastic landscape for what we’re trying to achieve, Brian Collins had a better idea: local music. This is a really exciting idea. As an undergrad at MIT I worked at the radio station and there was this big book with all the shows in the Boston area every night. You could write your name in for a show and you would be on the guest list. Just like that. It was fantastic, and I found myself going to 2-3 shows per week.

I’ve started listening and talking to folks, and I think we’ll come up with some great local music. And with luck you’ll discover something you love that’s being created around the block from where you live. And as this concept builds I’ll have the pleasure of finding myself intimately involved with the local music scenes in great cities across the country.

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