Aspirations and fears for the Clover Brand

By ayr August 5, 2008

I scribbled down my goals for the brand a few months ago. Here they are:

  • Long-term aspiration: Clover comes to define a lifestyle centered around a new cuisine and positive conscientious relationship to food
  • Make Clover first place that comes to mind when people think of light/healthy/conscientious/organic food
  • Allow consideration more broadly (e.g., squeeze into their minds even if they’re trying to think about pizza)
  • Emotional impetus for raving and loyalty
  • Helps customers justify the prices they want to pay
I also wrote down my fears:
  • Generic, want-to-be concept
  • Falls down on any of the big existing negatives (e.g., associations of “crunchy,” associations of slow)
  • Works on the functional plane but fails to penetrate to the emotional
  • Remains positive and celebratory, don’t want to politicize, drive people away
  • Don’t want it to be discounted, ignored because it is seen as too clever, or slick, or corporate, gimmicky, MBA-ish
  • Needs to feel as though it will be around for a very long time
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