By ayr August 5, 2008

Brian Collins gave me some homework:

  1. Write a couple of paragraphs that describe why Clover needs to exist
  2. Clip dozens of magazines and make 2 piles: (a) More of (b) Less of
Here’s part one of that homework, the manifesto. It’s funny, I’m reading it now (having written it a month ago) and have a ton of criticism. Time to iterate this.

We all know we should eat more vegetables, so why don’t we? We know we would be healthier, have more energy, and maybe even live longer. We know we’d be combating global warming. And we know farmers in our communities grow fantastic vegetables. And what’s more, most of us aspire to eat more vegetables. So why don’t we?

Clover will be the “how.” Clover will be how people get fresh vegetables, seasonal vegetables.¬†Service will be prompt, and the food always just cut. Prices will be affordable.¬†Clover will be how folks learn more about their local growers. It’ll be a place where people feel comfortable. Clover will be a place of trust. Clover will enable people to fall in love with vegetables again, or for the first time.

By helping people to understand that eating can mean something, Clover will become a hub for an emerging movement. This movement doesn’t yet have a name, but is clearly starting to simmer. It’s about real and uncomplicated food that tastes fantastic. This movement is about moving beyond false trade-offs and taking action that is fun, feels great, is good for the environment, good for your health, and good for your neighbors.

And if this all works, we’ll be living in an America that in 20 years provides a dietary example for the world of which we can all be proud. We’ll be conquering obesity, tackling diabetes, beating heart disease, measuring a sharp reduction in cancer rates. Our food-related carbon footprint will be cut in half. And we’ll be surrounded by vibrant networks of local and regional farms that deliver fantastic fresh healthy food. Our Clover fruit juice cups will be empty, and we’ll be smiling.

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