Thoughts from Erik

By ayr August 5, 2008

Here’s an excerpt from a recent back and forth with Erik Joule (Erik, hope you don’t mind me posting this). Iteration on the “manifesto.”

Clover needs to focus on building a relationship with its audience through its product, its spaces and the way it communicates.

  • Capitalize on the emotional connection from the brand to its audience: Accessibility and transparency
    • Open kitchen concept: Gives you the ability to be “part” of it. You are a participant of the experience vs. a recipient
    • Simplicity highlights product and history: Bring artists and community in.
    • Create a dialogue with the customer
    • Product is King and is the hero of the concept (e.g., Northampton coffee)
  • Create a feeling of intimacy as a relationship to the brand:
    • Fight the ubiquitousness of other restaurant brands
    • Create a feeling of uniqueness by highlighting and making history relevant
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