Giant blower fan disaster

By ayr August 22, 2008

A1 Restaurant Ventilation Bad Hood Install

Uggg. So I went to pick the truck up today after leaving it for the week to have a hood installed. You know, those big stainless steel things that restaurants have above cooking areas. Turns out they are very expensive, but required by code, even for our little truck.

So this is what disaster looks like. The fan was installed into the truck (rather than above the hood as we had agreed upon). Besides being deafening, that fan unit you see in the picture is exactly where my sink and sandwich prep table are suppose to be. Uhggg.

I talked for a while with the people doing the work, trying to keep my head. John Hong (my architect) gave me some good advice, and I think we might have a solution, but it’s going to involve a ton more work and throw me off schedule by a week. Oh well, on the other hand, I can’t work on the truck this weekend as I had planned, so we get to go to the Cummington Fair. Clementine will love it.

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