By ayr August 26, 2008

More truck trials. I thought I’d go get the truck inspected. I went to Everett Truck Repair, just around the corner from A1. They did the state inspection and claimed the king pins are bad, so it failed inspection. Turns out this is a $1,350 job ($700 parts, remainder labor). Boy. I don’t think the king pins are that bad, but this is how it goes with inspections. Don’t have any choice but to pay to get the truck properly on the road.

The dealer that sold me the truck (Can Am or CanAm in Hartford CT) should make this right. But of course they don’t want to. I spent the morning getting the run around. When I finally got through to Steve he started shouting at me. Anyway, doesn’t look like they’re going to do this right (even though the law requires). So it looks as though I’m going to have to take them to small claims court. Fun stuff.

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