IDEO meets Clover

By ayr August 27, 2008

I did a “tea time” at IDEO Boston today. I guess they take time periodically to step away from work and sometimes have a guest. A friend invited me, and it was a ton of fun. Lots of questions and some really interesting ideas. One of my favorites: put up a sign on the food truck for people to write down their favorite vegetarian dishes. I’ve been asking some of the folks with whom I’m doing deep interviews those questions, but hadn’t thought about opening it up more broadly. I like that idea.

Some other cool ideas/thoughts:

  • Requests for specific foods (e.g., portobello mushrooms, hearty soups/gumbos/curries)
  • Ways to reach low income folks with great food

Some of the references I made (for the benefit of IDEO folks who might be checking this out):

  • Ubuntu Napa (
  • UN report on livestock impact on the environment (
  • Taim (222 Waverly Place, NY, see the NYT for some great reviews)
  • L’Aus du Fallafel (Parisian place with amazing falafel)
  • Obesity data (

A big thanks to all of the IDEO folks, and please post any ideas you might have for me. Looking forward to seeing you at the truck soon!

BTW: That picture is on the door to the men’s bathroom at IDEO’s offices. I think it’s brilliant. Women have their own version. Isn’t it great?

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