3 types of step van rear doors

By ayr September 1, 2008

I’ve done a ton of research into step vans. Over the coming week I’m going to post it here for all you curious about Grumman, Utilimaster, and P-30s. Getting us started I thought I’d put up a quick note on types of rear doors I’ve seen.

We’re trying to decide how best to treat the back of the Clover Food Lab. With luck we’ll have people lining up for food, and it would be great if folks in line could see a bit of the action inside the truck. Obviously the rear must also function to accommodate equipment loading/unloading. And, as with everything, the adjustment has to be cheap or free. Jinhee and John are playing with a few alternatives.

This is pretty simple:

#1) Garage door style (takes up a few inches from the back 6-7′ of ceiling):

#2) Two doors (this is what I have on my 1999 MT-35 Utilimaster stepvan):

#3) Full doors (I’ve seen this as shown, and also as a single gigantic door):

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