Meeting with Single Speed Design

By ayr September 1, 2008

I met with Jinhee and John of Single Speed Designs today. Phil, who is going to handle the design/build joined us as well. It was a ton of fun. I talked too much, gave a tour of the truck, and asked some questions. John and Jinhee showed me some of the ideas they have been working through.

The biggest idea is to build a side on the truck that “transforms” when the truck parks into an awning. Imagine the pictures above with taut stretched material. It should have a smooth organic membrane-type look/feel. I love the direction, if we can get it done on time, within budget, and with a very clean professional finish. We also need to make sure it doesn’t tear apart when on the road, and that it wears gracefully over time.

We decided the following:

  • The water should have a simple cap access, similar to the gas
  • If possible we should mount the generator in the empty space under the driver’s feet
  • We’re going to pursue this folding tent/canopy design
  • There should be some wood incorporated, perhaps on the serving/working counter
  • The rear of the vehicle should have transparency
  • The drivers side will have a cut-through window.

It’s all very exciting. Construction should begin this week.

Tomorrow we meet with one of the potential Solar folks, and I have an appointment with a plumber. Exciting week ahead.

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