Henny Penny fryer

By ayr September 10, 2008

A friend turned me on to Henny Penny fryers. They make normal fryers, but specialize in “pressure fryers.” These were developed primarily for fried chicken, and supposedly they do wonders for that. But they have other qualities that caught my interest:

  • 30% lower fuel consumption
  • 10-20% less grease on food
  • More moisture and flavor retained in the food

Rolando and I met with one of the distributors and tested french fries and falafel. I don’t think it does much for either, and the biggest downside is the operation of the fryer itself. It adds a good 20 seconds per batch open and shutting, and you can’t drop anything while the cooking is taking place. Really what we could use would be a fryer with a simple lid that retained heat when not in use, but could just flip up when in use.

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