Clover references

By ayr September 17, 2008

I’m working with Joshua Hester on developing a “brand platform.” This means getting the philosophy, boundaries, and visual elements that define the brand right. Josh is a visual designer and going to help translate my abstract vision for the Clover brand into a concrete visual identity.

To start with, we are working on the logo for the food truck. This will work on the website, on the truck, and on the packaging. We’ve got some great people looking over our shoulders through the process (Erik Joule of Quiksilver, Brian Collins of Collins Design Research, and Rick Ridgeway of Patagonia). Clover images after the break.

One of the first things I learned when starting this process is that most of us mistake Oxalis, a wood sorrel, for a clover:



Clovers vary in size, shape of the leaf (some are more round), and color of the flower. The flowers are pretty interesting if you look closely:

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