By ayr September 18, 2008


This is how I spent a good portion of my afternoon. With a hacksaw and a file. Things haven’t been moving as quickly as I’d like on the truck. I dropped it off in Salem on Monday, and zippo is the amount of work that has happened since then. I’d expected the systems were going to be finished this week, and next week was going to be body work and awning. But nothing.

So I went up there today and put in time on the truck. The installation of the sink is coming along nicely, I think it will turn out really well. I’m back up tomorrow morning early (7am) to finish the job. Once this is done the truck will be ready for the body shop. They’re going to do a ton of work (cutting sides, adding windows, shortening the rear door, mounting the generator, painting, etc.) I’ll have my fingers crossed that it comes in on time. They seem to be confident it will, so I’m confident. Can’t you tell : )

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