MIT alum returns to campus to run food truck

By ayr September 30, 2008

Clementine and Ayr with new Clover truck

Hi all. We’re nearing opening day (13 October), and I thought I’d take a second to introduce myself.

I’m going to be serving you amazing food out of this new truck that’s going to be parked at MIT. These pages are packed with information about the journey from idea to working food truck, if you’re new to the site go ahead and poke around. You’ll have fun.

Clover’s chef Rolando and I are on a mission to craft a fast food menu unlike anything you’ve come across before. We’re going to be serving up local, eco-responsible, often organic food that you’re going to love.

I recently left a very corporate job to build Clover. We’re in the early stages, but our mission is pure, Rolando (our chef) is visionary, and we’ve got a great set of supporters making sure we do this right.

Food has always been a passion of mine, and now I’m tasting the joy of working a job you love. And I’m feeling the power of dedicating yourself to the issues that matter. I’ve always cared deeply about the environment and see this company as a way I can make real change.

I grew up in Western Massachusetts, in a rural town called Bernardston. I came to Boston to go to MIT in 1996, graduated in Course 3 in 2000, stuck around for a bit of grad work while managing a full time job as a research scientist. I found myself back at school a couple of years later and took an MBA from HBS. I worked at Patagonia in marketing (one of the best times of my life), then to McKinsey and Company where I helped some of the largest, best known global brands with marketing, and leading retailers improve their stores.

Now I’m running a food truck, and I couldn’t be happier. Come by and say hi when we arrive in a couple of weeks.

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