Next stage in branding

By ayr October 1, 2008

For those of you who have been following the logo/ visual identity journey, you know we started with “Clover Food Lab.” And while there’s a part of me that likes that a lot, and I’m not sure I agree with people that it wouldn’t work as a name, I realize now it’s a better naming approach for building a food truck business, not the best approach for what we’re really aiming for. So I’ve gained some perspective and am now have Erik’s advice ringing in my ears: “keep it as simple as possible.”

So gone is the “Clover Food Lab,” with it the beaker, etc. Welcome “Clover,” and clovers. We’ve been returning to the original aspects that made “Clover” the right name:

– Green

– Luck

– Positivity

– The sweetest treat in the pasture

Here are some new sketches from Josh, and some of the inspirations he’s considering.

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