Awning story

By ayr October 2, 2008

John Hong (architect) is having trouble getting any fabricators to take on this project. Uhg. The drawings look beautiful, but everybody is busy and nobody wants to get stuck with something new/ unproven. John’s at the point of calling quits on the awning.

I think we should give it a go. I told John we can do it out of plywood ($200 vs. the $2,000 Aluminum would cost us), put it together ourselves over the weekend, and have an answer about whether it will work by Sunday. John is skeptical, he was thinking it would take skilled people much longer than that. But I say we can do it.

As back-up I’m asking John to flesh out a plan B, so that if we find Sunday that this isn’t working we still have something to go with.

If you’re wondering about the colorful popsicle sticks above, before deciding to move forward with this I wanted a crude model to explore the geometry. I went to the Lego store to get technics for this. But on my way home I thought about Popsicle sticks, and decided to save myself $300, return the legos, and build the model out of popsicle sticks.

Truck should be ready from the body shop tomorrow, I’m excited.

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