Cutting a perfect 1″ radius round end on plywood

By ayr October 4, 2008

We’ve been puzzling about how to cut the radius on the ends of the plywood. I came up with this simple jig shown above. Basically I just put a stop on the bottom of a plywood board, left a bit of room, and ran it against the sander until it was just short of the sander band.

Then I drilled some holes in the top of the plywood, popped a dowel through our ribs (which had holes at the right place), and the rotated the stack 180° around the sanders. Worked beautifully. Oh yeah, we cut some of the material off first with a 45° angle cut on a bandsaw (the guy helping me wasn’t comfortable with the table saw, though it would have otherwise been a better choice).

About 2 more hours of work to get this together. Total:

– 5 hours running around buying parts, etc.

– 4.5 hours active work cutting, shaping parts

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