Modern Plastics

By ayr October 8, 2008

If you’ve been following our progress you know that when faced a problem we discovered the awning system was going to take a while to figure out. The truck has two enormous holes in the side.

As a back-up plan I figured we could cover the windows with some sort of “storm window.” I figured we’d need something like this anyway, even with the awning system in place. These storm windows would keep us from freezing in the winter. And now they have the added role of siding : )

I was thinking about using some sort of matte plexi (called P-95, cool stuff). I found a place called Modern Plastics that was out of it in Boston, but had some in Springfield, so off I went. John Hong suggested I check out something called “Multi-walled acrylic.” This material is used for greenhouses. John thought it might be less expensive, more rigid, lighter weight, and look better. He was right on all accounts.

Only hitch was that this material was only available in the size I wanted by order. So Tom, my father-in-law, kindly offered to make the trip down to the factory in CT to pick it up for me.

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