Soup stocks

By ayr October 15, 2008

Rolando had this idea: we should have fresh stocks steaming away at the restaurant. I wasn’t sure. First, I wasn’t sold on the whole soup idea. I was still wed to the “fresh” qualities of my “non-lettuce” salads (still need a better name). But I’ve been wondering how on earth we will sell salads in the winter. Not to mention that they will be all root vegetable salads if we want to stay seasonal.

So I started thinking harder about Rolando’s idea, and what seemed crazy to me at first is growing on me now. I’m thinking this: let the seasons dictate the menu. In the summer, spring, fall, glorious salads. In the cold months, soup. Why not have fresh stocks made in the restaurant? We could take the salad prep station (which we’re expecting requires an experienced cook anyway) and turn it into a soup station.

Here are 3 simple stocks Rolando prepared for me to taste: mushroom, vegetable, asian. He has an interesting approach. Very delicate. He wants them to be “flavored water.” A background for the main show of the soup or other dish.

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