Konrad saves the day

By ayr October 19, 2008

I’ve been struggling with 2 critical problems these past 6 weeks:

  1. The people we had lined up haven’t gotten the work done that they said they would (our design/ build guy Phil, fabricator, electrician, plumber)
  2. When we’ve looked for alternates they either don’t want the work at all or want to charge me too much.

The electrical has been one of these areas. Last quote I got was $5,500. And he was going to take 2 weeks to get the work done. 9 different electricians wouldn’t even look at the job. 3 others made estimates varying from $4,900 to $6,500 with estimates of 3-4 weeks.

Then I went home to Western Mass. I talked to Konrad, an electrician and very smart guy who is a parent at my parent’s school. We talked a bit about the truck and he had some great ideas for me. First, he thought I shouldn’t wire up the whole truck with conduit. He thought this might even be a dangerous option: not weatherproof, not vibration stable, and opportunity to short on the aluminum truck body. Instead he suggested buying contractor-grade heavy gauge extension cord. He turned me onto a product that has outlets along the length of the cord. It’s perfect. And these outlets have mounting brackets. Instant wiring. The job went from $5,500 to $150 + some labor. Amazing.

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