The truck is almost done

By ayr October 23, 2008

The truck is almost done. I’ve installed speakers. I bought 4 sets (8 total), because if the speakers are spaced they will sound good at lower volumes. But I found more than 4 speakers would make the front of the truck feel like a “wall-o-speakers,” so we kept it to 4. I got marine speakers, so they are waterproof. A little white enamel spray-paint and they look like they’ve been there for years.

The counter tops work now, slide in and out. I still have to replace the bolts that hold in open/ shut with spring bolts, but haven’t gotten to that yet. The current bolts slip out of position with too much vibration (pretty much everytime we drive the truck).

The lighting is LED. I bought these at IKEA on John’s suggestion. Primarily they allow for very low power consumption. Lighting the whole truck takes less than what a single home lightbulb burns. This will help a ton when we get the solar hooked up.

I like the way the light moves through the acrylic sides.

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