Clover Menu 11-3-08

By ayr November 3, 2008

Today’s menu before we ran out/ low. It was a good, if short, day. Again, we doubled our traffic. We also showed up at the latest hour yet (12:20pm first service) and left earlier than ever (1:45pm). I’d love to say this is because we ran out of everything, but really we just needed to get down to Brockton before the sales-guy at Near East left work. It turned out great. He’s going to make us a custom bread. Let’s keep out fingers crossed that it works perfectly.

We mixed up the fries with an herbed version (garlic, rosemary). It’s great. We’re trying to decide if the fries should be smaller (more herby flavor, but more oil), or hold at our normal size (1/4″).

We added some local apples as well. And the soups were both new: black bean (awesome) and pear parsnip (also awesome). Sandwiches are holding steady. We still haven’t gotten the bread right, but Rolando is managing to make them better each day despite that.

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