Menu – 11/6

By ayr November 6, 2008


Our first rainy day. And we still didn’t make enough food. This is getting silly.

Rolando and I were in the kitchen last night ’til 2am preparing for the day. We made double of everything. And we prepped to have the soup “kit” built to make it on the truck in the morning.

The soups (potato leek, and mushroom) were beautiful.

But we still can’t get started on time. The health inspector showed up just before we were suppose to prep for service. Mary, the inspector, was very nice, but the timing meant we had to make people wait for service; and turned a dozen away (it was raining).

My sister Teasel, a grad student at MIT, helped us out. She took orders and did a great job. We started service at 11:45am, ended at 2:30pm. Served approximately 100 sandwiches. All the soup was sold.

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