We have a new oven

By ayr November 21, 2008

Get ready breakfast, we have a new oven. It’s difficult to find a gas oven. Nearly every oven out there is electric. But on the truck we don’t have the power budget for an electric oven (huge power hogs). We also needed something with a relatively small footprint.

In NYC a couple of weeks ago we found the solution. A Moffat G32. This guy named “Moty” wanted to sell us one. Then I went through a frustrating experience with a con-man on the North shore who said he’d sell me a Moffat, only it was broken. He wouldn’t refund our money. Thankfully Clover has a great lawyer. Anyway, that’s behind us, we ordered a brand new Moffat from a local reputable distributor, and voila, here it is!¬†tempeh

We’re going to be using it for lunch to heat bread, BBQ, and strips. The big use is going to be for breakfast. We’ll be popping out fresh muffins and pop overs.

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