By ayr November 24, 2008

Some of you might have noticed we compost. I could write on and on about compost, but I’ll keep this first posting focused. Some of you may think compost is gross. I think it’s beautiful. It’s your proof that you’re getting just-cut food. And it represents our commitment to tread gently.

I was shocked when I first started getting into this to find that restaurants and other food service institutions do not compost. I just couldn’t believe it. Since then I’ve learned a thing or two. First, you wouldn’t believe how little organic waste many operations produce. Second, and more importantly, it’s a pain in the a$$ to compost.

First we tried to get it to farmers. They stopped receiving, something about it being too cold in the winter. Strange, since my experience with compost is that if you’re doing it right it generates heat that carries through the winter.

Second, I called Boston Public Works. Nothing. A phone number? Nope. A company that could help me. Nope. Dead end.

Third, I looked up compost-related terms on google maps. After calling a few dead ends I reached a Somerville-based organization that gave me the number for “Save that stuff.” I called them. The program sounded good. They said they would set me up. Bucket rental was something like $6/ month, OK. Then they tell me that it’s going to be $104 every X pick-ups. What? I actually was naive enough to think I might get paid for my compost. Crazy.

So we ended up packing it in Gordon’s car. He was nice enough to take it from us. Here we are, balancing the compost in his Jeep after clean-up.

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