ATM restaurant?

By ayr November 26, 2008

This blurry photo was captured in a parking lot in Brighton. I had some ideas looking at this ATM. Imagine building a tiny-footprint restaurant that can be dropped in a parking lot anywhere. Imagine learning from the truck, running with limited water, etc. Imagine bar seating up front, a clear wall in the middle, and the kitchen in the back. Drive-through, pick-up, and bar seating. And as John Hong pointed out, if you built this right, you could always relocate without losing your construction.

We’ll keep playing around with these ideas, but I think this is an interesting possible direction. I love the idea of a low cost build (we’d aim for <$50k), designed to serve 100-200 people per day (vs. break-even of over 350), that can be built by the hundreds and thrown all over the place.

What do you think?

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