I love this coffee

By ayr December 1, 2008


Don’t worry, we’re going to get the coffee for Clover perfect. But I’m admittedly not a coffee person myself. I try it everywhere, and I like it in some situations. But I’m not a cup or three a day person.

When we decided to take a shot at breakfast we knew the coffee was going to be as important as any of the tasty food we’re baking up. So Rolando and I began the search (see previous posts).

Barrington Coffee’s Vienna Roast is our current favorite. It’s the first coffee I like black. Just imagine a coffee that has all of the great tastes of coffee, none of the bad ones, and doesn’t need cream and sugar to pull it off. I’ll get a real coffee person to write a more flowery description, but your best bet is to just stop by and try some for yourself.


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