River Gods french fries

By ayr December 7, 2008

It’s funny, I’ve tested french fries all over the world. My favorite ever were from a street vendor in Halifax, Nova Scotia. I usually avoid the true Belgian fries, if done right they are made in horse fat. But I eat everything else.

What’s funny is that I never spent any time with Boston french fries. Looks like I may not have been missing much.

I saw on Chowhound we were compared to River Gods fries. I looked into it and found that River Gods, a place I’ve loved since it opened, was voted best fries in Boston. So I stopped there Friday night, late, after putting the truck away. But here’s the thing. Their aoli was awesome, really, really good. But the fries. Give me a break Boston. These were straight-up frozen US Foodservice/ Sysco fries. Frozen, corn-starch coated. At least they weren’t extruded.

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