Coffee in the morning

By ayr December 9, 2008

Coffee is working beautifully. We’re slowly building a following.

We’ve still got a few things to work on:

(1) Some of you feel the coffee is “light,” or “not strong enough.” I think part of this is everyone being used to Starbuck’s burnt. But I’m afraid a part might be due to the brewing method. We’re going to play around with this.

(2) I still want this to be fast. We’re experimenting with different funnels. We’re down to 25s at our fastest (time from pouring hot water to full cup)

(3) We had a guy from the construction site next door order 4 coffees the other day. We only had 2 cones, so that’s a problem. So I’m thinking we either need many cones, or, perhaps a multi-cup brew. I got a Chemex that might be just the thing. 8 cups at the same time as 1 cup.

We’re going to try to set up time with Barth (Barrington Coffee Roasters) to go through our technique and set-up and see whether he has any improvements.

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