Truck in Clover spot

By ayr December 9, 2008

You might not all be aware of this, but we pay MIT monthly for our spot. And it’s a lot we pay. Comes out to the first 30 customers or so everyday. I’ll refrain from ranting here, but 1 out of 3 days somebody is parked in our spot. And not yet have I seen a single ticket on any of these vehicles. It’s a total pain because it delays our start times.

Today I called MIT police, waited 45 minutes (I’m not exaggerating). And when we finally got up and running I asked the MIT officer whether he would mind helping me move the generator (a 2 person, 10 second task). He told me I’d have to wait, got in his car, and pulled away 15 minutes later.

Don’t worry, a really nice guy walking down the street offered to help, and we’re up and running.

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