Organizing Clover

By ayr December 12, 2008

Rolando and I are packing everything up for the holidays. I’m documenting some of our organizational methods. Here’s our blue-bin storage of the cups that hold your delicious food, and the utensils you use to eat with.

I had an idea for the restaurant that I’m really excited about. No reason we can’t pilot it at the food truck:


Brooke (my wife) remembers vividly a news story when she was a kid where somebody had an entire year’s trash that fit in one bag. Some late-hippy project of some sort. But the image: one person, one year, one bag, stuck with her. I was always amazed at the mountains of garbage at our local dump. They had to use giant tractors to push it around, and our town was only 1,200 people large.

So here’s the idea: everything that goes over our counter is either (1)¬†compost-able¬†or (2) recyclable. No trash. Wouldn’t that be cool? No reason we can’t pilot this on the truck when we’re back serving.

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