Raising money in NYC

By ayr December 17, 2008

The most important thing I’m working on right now is raising money for Clover’s next stage. Originally I was planning to do this end of summer, but that was before I had the idea of the truck. We were incredibly fortunate to have this idea of a food truck to develop our menu. But it also means I’m at the end of December getting started on a process I had originally thought would happen 3 months ago.

So here I am, smack in the middle of a sick economy and terrified investors with my hat out. It’s a beautiful time to start a new company. Real estate is opening up, rates are getting good, talented employees are eager for work, customers want to be a part of something exciting, something growing. But it’s a difficult time to raise money. Which just means I’ve got to put everything into this effort until it gets done right.

I’m in NYC right now following up with some folks who were interested back in the summer, and meeting some new potential investors. I have a bunch of Starwood points left over from my days as a consultant on the road, so when not staying with friends (no time this trip) I role into bed at Four Points. They are the cheapest (point-wise) and there’s one in So-Ho (sort of) and one in Chelsea (sort of).

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