Coffee coffee coffee

By ayr January 9, 2009

OK, OK, OK. I hear you all. Sorry we haven’t been serving. It’s not because we don’t want to, or that we’re wimps as some of you have even suggested. We’re just super busy trying to make sure Clover becomes much more than a food truck.

You may have read that we’re looking for investors. True and very tough right now. We’re also looking for restaurant locations (another post), looking into packaging options, and investigating suppliers.

Which brings me to this post. Rolando and I have been meeting up at various Roasters on Fridays for tastings (“cuppings”) and to learn more about coffee in general. There are a lot of different messages out there, and they don’t all agree.

Today we visited New Harvest in Providence, RI. We had a great time. Here are some pictures of the place after the break:

So the verdict? One, I’m just not very good at this cupping thing. Imagine a wine tasting, but everything just tastes like roasted coffee beans. Sort of strong, coffee-y. We got to see the roasters in action, which was cool. But I just wasn’t sure they were the best fit for where we’re going. But I don’t have the final say. We’ll feature their coffee and listen to what you all tell us.

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