Coolidge Corner

By ayr February 16, 2009

What do you all think of Coolidge corner? This is one of the areas we’ve been eyeing to open our first fixed location Clover restaurant. With all that is going on good spaces are starting to open. Prices haven’t dropped yet, but at least the spots are starting to come available. The other week Z-Square in Harvard went out of business. They also left a beautiful greenhouse spot in Post Office Square. Unfortunately, I’m not really looking to get into downtown yet, but it’s a really pretty spot.

One thing that’s sort of crazy I’ve been learning about these locations is that many landlords will require that the business owner personally sign the lease. I think that’s a little nuts personally. These leases are very long, and that’s a big scary thing to be personally liable for. In our case there wouldn’t be much to go after : ), but still…

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