Hail the Popover

By ayr March 24, 2009

There are all sorts of reasons we are happy to have popovers for breakfast:

– They fit perfectly with our aspiration of being “just out of the oven”

– They are simple, few ingredients (something we love at Clover)

РThey are indulgent, but a great alternative to croissants, or brioche. (more on this later)

But honestly, we have them because I love popovers. I think they are just great, and with a little apple butter, perfect. Now, we’ve been experimenting with various popover recipes these past few weeks. Tweaking, and nudging. The other day I tried a recipe from a recent NYT article.¬†This recipe (which called for blending the batter, a huge mistake in my mind) and other fell short. Some literally, with lumpy ugly popovers.

The upside of this experimentation, we have killer recipe. It’s perfect: light, flaky crust, not too tough or thick, they don’t collapse when you take them out of the oven, they are not empty inside, rather an eggy network of yumminess.

So if you got any of the bad ones let me know, and I’ll give you a new one on us.

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