Next stop Allston?

By ayr March 26, 2009

We’re looking at the building above. And you might not be surprised to find out that we have some radical ideas for the space.

This building is on the intersection of Harvard St. and Western Ave. in Allston. It used to be a Citgo station. Our idea is that it could serve as a hybrid commissary restaurant space.

Like everything we do, we’d like you to be able to see our commissary. Sure, this is where we are working at 5am, and 6pm, not exactly the times you’re eating Clover. But it’s as much a part of our system as the spot at MIT. So we’d love to share it, openly. John and Jinhee, our architects, have been encouraging me to consider a spot with high visibility. The question: how on earth do you pay a high retail rent for a commissary. The answer? Add a retail operation to the commissary (and get some help from Harvard, who owns the property).

So the idea is a highly visible commissary, cut-out sides, lots of glass, hustle and bustle of our growing business, hub for local farm activity, CSA pick-up, farmer’s markets, garden, events, Clover food. Feeling it?

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