How did you spend your Saturday?

By ayr March 29, 2009

Blue and I hit Restaurant Depot this weekend. There in the Mini you see vinyl gloves, heavy duty floor cleaner (hey, I’m not a huge fan of heavy chemical cleaners, but nothing gets the floor clean like this stuff), ketchup, BBQ sauce, deli paper, and a few other things. The ketchup is Heinz (which I like), and the BBQ is Cattleman’s. We’ve tried several. I don’t like any of them that much. And they have long long lists of ingredients. This is the most simple we’ve found, and for the strict vegans etc. there are zero animal products in this stuff.

Oh, and that’s soy fry grease.

We’re working on distributors to buy this stuff from, but my account is not yet set up. No idea why it’s taking 3 weeks to set up an account.

Oh, and that’s Blue in the pink car seat, you can’t really see him.

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