Meeting farmers

By ayr April 6, 2009


I’m at a meeting titled “think globally plant locally.” I should be doing more of these things. Hard to find the time.
Some of you (those who have talked to me) know that I rely heavily on Tony Russo of Russo’s distributors for our produce. He knows most larger growers in the Northeast and has been a super resource. A one stop shop for local produce etc. He’s introduced me to Vermont Soy for example, an integrated farm that is making the best soy milk I’ve ever had. He’s helped he find pickles from a producer in Worcester that are great. Parsnips from Hadley. Shiitake from Williamstown. I could go on…
Anyway, as much as we love Tony we hope to develop some direct relationships as we grow. Rolando and I have talked that about his role, as we grow, would include purchasing as well as menu. Unconventional for fast food, but makes total sense to us.
Anyway I’m learning about Blue Heron Farm, The Food Project, and others.

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