By ayr April 6, 2009


So one of the most frequent questions we hear is one of the most difficult to answer. What is that “BBQ…” and a few tackle “seitan.”
So what is it? I don’t feel like my answer is very satisfying. It’s a product made from “vital wheat protein,” sometimes called “wheat gluten.” basically they wash wheat until all that is left is protein, then make a flour. It’s used in some bread and other baking. And there is a history of mostly Asian use as a meat substitute. You won’t mistake it for meat, but it can play a similar role in a meal.
Ours is made from organic flour and we make it ourselves. We started out trying a bunch of commercially available products, but didn’t like them. So Rolando tinkered, I tasted, and this is what we came up with. I think it’s the best Seitan you can find anywhere (and I’ve tried a lot). But as with everything we’re still tinkering and trying to Make it better.
(Picture is of cut seitan and log before pieces have been cooked.)

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