Boiling Sap

By ayr April 15, 2009

OK, so here is post #2 in this week’s maple syrup series.

I’ll get to the syrup, but first the pitch:

– This Sunday, 11am – 1pm at the Clover truck

– Pancakes with Cummington Blueberries, corn fritters, pickles, and tons of local maple syrup

OK, back to the syrup. So you all know sap comes out of trees, mostly sugar maples. Sap used to be collected in buckets, but these days most operations use gravity-based tube systems. Then it’s boiled, and boiled, and boiled. Most set-ups, like this one above, have complex multi-chamber arrangements that ensure the sap is at the right temperature all the time. This one at South Face Farm actually let’s out finished syrup automatically when it’s ready.

Sap to syrup ratios range from 40:1 to 60:1. That’s 60 gallons of sap to one gallon of syrup. Wow.

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