By ayr April 18, 2009

I still have my gallons of syrup. I have my blueberries. The pancake breakfast is still happening. It’s just going to have to wait until 3rd May.

I had to make the call yesterday to postpone since the weather forecast was reading rain and 40°F. Anyway, super sorry to all of those who were really excited about this. And if there are any of you who bought a maple syrup (with the killer “free breakfast” deal that I’ve been attaching to that purchase), and you can’t make the new date, let me know, we’ll take care of you.

That all said, above I’ve got a really cool picture. These are samples from every day of syruping from the 2008 season. Isn’t this cool. The color changes are due entirely to the change in the sap as the weather changed over the course of the month. The sample were taken every time syrup was made, so this spans the course of a 4.5 week period. Isn’t the variation beautiful? And every year is different with its own fingerprint.

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