Earth Day Fiasco

By ayr April 23, 2009

OK, I know you’re all wondering what the deal with the cops was, and what those notes were the other day. So here’s the short version of the story:

– MIT asked us to park at the Stata for Earth Day

– I got the day wrong, I didn’t realize that at MIT “Earth Day” is the day after Earth Day

– Anyways, I’d called the Cambridge Licensing Commission the day before (Tuesday night) and asked whether the move would be kosher, they said sure, “as long as you’re still on MIT property.”

– So at 12:45pm, and you all know there isn’t a more busy time for us, a cop from Cambridge Licensing came by, rapped very very loudly on the back door, and asked us to leave immediately

– All ends well, we drove around the corner to our normal spot, 300 feet away, with a small group of hungry Clover customers following us, and bingo, 4 minutes later we were serving again. Shot of the group after we re-opened after the break

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