First Weekend brunch

By ayr May 3, 2009


I’m sure you’re all starting to notice that we’re experimenting a lot. Today we did a syrup pancake brunch. It was our first weekend at MIT. We set up some tables on the grass, and made pancakes and fritters.

For those of you who came by: thanks. It felt great to see everybody. And I hope you all had a great experience. We weren’t ready for the crowds (obviously) and so I have to thank you for your patience with us. We ran out of food, not all the pancakes were perfect, I’m sure we screwed up a bunch of orders, and I know a lot of you were waiting forever for coffee and tea. I never got the music playing, and appreciate everybody who helped me make change.

Think of it this way. You may have missed the first week of lunch, or the first week of breakfast, but you were here for the first brunch. It will get better, and faster, and better, and if we do this right the crowds will get larger.

That’s right. I think we have a thing here. We’re going to have to run some more of these. Those of you who spotted the 4 gallons of syrup I bought may have suspected as much.

Thanks all!!

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