Newest member of the Clover crew

By ayr May 6, 2009

NOTE: This is a historical blog post from 2009. We are piloting a new online ordering system. We will post more about it when it’s ready. For now, please DO NOT email to order food. Instead, ask the staff at your local Clover for an invite to the Clover App!


We’re trying something new today: advance ordering. Here is how version .0 works:

(1) you email an order to
Include in the email:
(a) what you want
(b) when you want it (exact time)
(c) your name

(2) we will email you a confirmation

(3) you come by at the specified time and pick up your food

We’d planned to introduce this during the rainy weeks of April, but it never rained much until now. As with everything we’ll tweak and revise, and get better and better.

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