Organic coffee “concept”

By ayr May 7, 2009


So I’m always checking out food. Everywhere I travel I look for any fast-food oriented concepts. I don’t want to make this blog a review site, so I refrain from posting most of my adventures, but occasionally I’ll use one to shed light on some of our Clover thinking.

Today the subject is an organic coffee place on Newbury. I can’t remember its name (that says something). I walked in because they were giving away free coffee, so I thought they were new (they’re about 4 months old).
Coffee was almost undrinkable for me, but I’ve developed a pretty strong point of view on coffee through our tasting tours.

But that aside, the branding was everything we don’t want to be: expensive build-out, blah blah we’re great earth friendly blah blah fair trade blah blah blah. Think I’m kidding? Check out that hot cup wrapper. Look closely. I think there are even more blahs than I wrote.

So for those of you asking why I don’t talk more about us being organic, and local, and stuff. Go check this place out (or a whole foods for that matter) come back to Clover, and dig it.

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