Help from the French

By ayr May 12, 2009

This is Thomas. He flew in from Paris to interview for a job. I told him before we came that this is a minimum wage position. He said OK. I said it again. He said OK.

Thomas has been working at the Rose bakery in Paris (I’ll have to check it out next time I’m there), and at other restaurants. I asked whether he was interviewing anywhere else while here and he said he was, Craigie Street (I’m a fan of Tony Maws, I lived near the old location and loved it).

Thomas did a great job onboard the truck. Was looking for things to be done, great initiative, worked well with others, took direction well, and had a great food sense. So we’re going to launch into the Visa process and see how it goes. Obviously his level of excitement means a lot.

Oh yeah, and the stinky cheese didn’t hurt : ) I shared the nice Camembert he brought with Clementine and Brooke. Clem wasn’t sure about the smell, but we all agreed it tasted great. We got ourselves a baguette for the occasion (from Nashoba Brook Bakery), and a local wine from Lincoln (actually pretty tasty).

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