Painting the whiteboard

By ayr May 24, 2009

So you’ll notice we’re undergoing a transition to a more branded Clover. More about where that’s all going later. But you may have noticed our logo on the banner of this blog. I have real business cards if you’ve come and asked for contact info. We’re wearing Clover hats. And now the whiteboards are getting an update.

I have a stencil on order for the logo at the top of the whiteboard. So here I am getting the boards ready for that, and for some more legible menus.

When I was at MIT we worked out all of our ideas, big and small on whiteboards. So it was a natural place for us to post the daily menu for the truck. Problem was that once the way wiped away off of the paint the marker started to penetrate. A bunch of you were telling me I could use Windex, etc. Really the paint was stained and nothing was going to help.

But I found this cool whiteboard paint. It’s a 2 part system, must be some sort of epoxy. 4 coats later the whiteboard looks like new, better than new. We loved the fuzzy blue, but are excited to move forward with clean read-able boards.

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