Plumbing is back!!!

By ayr May 24, 2009

When I built the truck I did a silly thorough job on the plumbing. We can carry 24 gallons fresh water, have a grey water tank, a full 3 bay sink and a hand washing sink. We have full house-hold pressure water, hot and cold on tap.

But then winter hit, and I discovered there is no possible way to keep this type of plumbing live.

And despite my best efforts to anti-freeze (food grade) our pump busted, and our water heater broke.

So even though it’s been hot for a while we’ve been running on our alternative water system. So this weekend I finally had the time to get back at it. I replaced the pump (after the break), fixed some leaks, and replaced the water heater. Happy to say we’re back up running the way we should be.

Oh, and a little sprinkling of Clover philosophy while we’re at it. People have told me I should get some sort of skirt to cover the plumbing. But we love the plumbing fully exposed. Clover gladly says goodbye to the Victorian-inspired days of hiding life’s most critical systems, and hello to transparency. We love knowing where our food is grown. We love the fact that you can see your food being prepared. And we love knowing where our water comes from, and where it goes.

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